Is the Republican Party Serious?

I never really knew where I stood on politics until recently, I’m probably one of the least political people you’ll ever come across. I’ve pretty much gotten to where I am at this stage of my life without giving it much thought, more less I’ve just been apathetic. I do know  one thing though, I definitely don’t agree with the right winged Republican Party. Mitt Romney get’s up on stage and talks the talk, walks the walk, but really what is he saying? He’s saying the same thing the Republican Party always says…Cut Taxes, Increase Defense, blah blah blah.

All I can say is, look where that got us from 2000 to 2008. It can be said and is true that the American economy is not doing stellar at the moment, but look at the gigantic mess that they were handed when they took started. We’re at least in a better place now and haven’t slid even deeper or gone into inflation crisis mode.

Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention 2012 was great to say the least, but you know what I really respect about it? They didn’t condem the opposition and try to distort reality equating Obama to the Anti-christ. They stated the facts and let them speak for themselves, hell they even complimented the Republicans on some things.

Back to that, stating facts… Paul Ryan, are you serious? You just got up in front of everyone and blatantly lied and want me to vote for your party?

Come back to reality Republicans, we gotta work together to move forward from where we are today.