Jetpack Keeps Getting Better

The Jetpack plugin for WordPress that brings a lot of the features from blogs to your own hosted installation of WordPress has always been good, but in the past 4 months they’ve had several releases that have taken the plugin to the next level. This is one of the best plugins out there for self hosted WordPress installations, it brings all the things you love about with the flexibility of hosting your own installation.

Latest Features include:

  • Publicize – settings on the post editor to automatically push your blog post out to your social media accounts.
  • Post by Email – self-explanatory, the ability to publish posts via email.
  • Photon – upload and deliver your post images via the CDN for better performance.
  • Infinite Scroll – loads 7 posts at a time and continuously loads more posts for infinite reading and makes post pagination redundant.

In total so far, Jetpack has 23 separate feature modules for everything from Fancy Lightbox galleries, site backup management, to a really awesome CSS editor with revision history that makes it easy to customize your Theme’s style without accessing SVN or FTP. All of these features add up to a really powerful plugin that should be first on your list of plugins to install on your next WordPress installation. Really excited to see where Automattic takes Jetpack next.