Being a Good Client

Working in the customer service industry is a tough job, you’re a servent to all of your clients and there seems to be an ever increasing standard for defining good customer service. One of the things that I think we forget sometimes is that Customer Service is a two way street, it goes both ways. As a client, it’s my duty to, be respectful, understanding,  give appropriate background information, and explain things as best as I can to help the person on the other side at my vendor help me.

Giving good background information, yeah that one is a a big one…

Think about it, if you’re having a problem or asking about something for a second or third time you have to tell them about the history or at least a hint that there is history to the situation.

It would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a hamburger with one waiter,  turning around and ordering the same thing with another waiter, and then getting upset when you get two burgers. Some people today would say it was the waiter’s responsibilities to check with each other, but why? Why would they check with each other, did you tell them that you ordered with someone else already (any hint)? If not, you screwed it up and you’re the idiot, not the nice waiters are working hard to service your request.

As silly as this situation is, I think this applies to a lot of customer service with companies today. We have tons of tools to help track history for clients, but a little courtesy and due diligence from the client can go a long way and you the client will ultimately get better service, and be happier.

So, to all the Bad Clients out there who wonder why you always get Bad Customer Service. Maybe you’re the one who is causing all the problems?